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The whole solution to modified separator: precision coating machine and ceramic slurry

        With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and 3C fields, the demand for the power/energy storage battery is constantly increasing. Stability of the separator directly affects the battery performance. Ordinary separator has high thermal shrinkage and low heat resistance at high temperature, which leads to a large area of short circuit for positive and negative electrodes inside the battery. Inorganic material coated separator has higher thermal stability. Han’ Energy provides the solution to ceramic coated separator and enhances the quality and safety of separator by domestically designed high speed, precision coating machine and ceramic slurry.

We provide the whole solution from device to process for the customers:

² We provide appropriate ceramic slurry and coating technology for different separators, consultation about materials and technical solutions.

² According to the production technology and characteristics of the customers, automatic separator coating machine can be optimized to provide value-added service.

² Combined with ceramic slurry and coating machine, the whole solution to ‘device + material + technology’ and the ‘one-stop service’ from device to process can be provided, collaborating with technology upgrading and transformation of the customers.